Remove the chains

Divorze Posse

  1. Controversial Statement
  2. Wasted Tape
  3. Funky Madness
  4. This Is The Time (With Panache Culture)
  5. Remove The Chains
  6. Educate The Racist
  7. This Is The Super Dub

Release info :

Charles Davis, better known as Diamond Fizz, started singing as a young boy. After high school he left the U.S. and went to Europe with his oldest brother Ronald Abrams. Together, they started the group “The Abrams Brothers and The Ice Cold Band”. While touring throughout Europe, they had many number one hits. Livin’ in Amsterdam, Gone Too Long, and Don’t Let No Body Tell You What To Do; are just a couple of their chart topping songs. The brothers continued to make hit after hit until 1989, when they decided Diamond Fizz would be best suited as a solo artist. After going solo, Charles conquered the charts with a smash hit, Irresistible Charm. The song stayed at the top of the charts for over a two year span in various countries throughout Europe. Diamond Fizz treats you to a deep rooted vocal performance on this epic, soulful, uplifting, and original album.