Digital single

Review by Karel Michiels aka Jah Shakespear :

Ras Fire has been making music for almost half a century, even though he had but 20 years to live, according to some doctors. In the '90s he did so with the best Dutch and Belgian backing bands of the moment: his own group Righteous Rockers, and the Liege, Belgium, based reggae pioneers of Panache Culture.

"Reggae Music Is Irie" isn't a brand new song, but a new recording, mastered in Jamaica. "Reggae Music Is Irie" is a cheerful song with sparkling keyboards and guitar, fresh as the morning dew in the Blue Mountains. A sing-along, albeit that no one can imitate the unique falsetto of Ras Fire. Love it or hate it (well, 'hate' ...), who knows him, can only have respect and admiration for his music, an entirely self-created perfect reflection of the songs he has in mind. The wonders of technology make it possible for him to do almost everything himself (read: to give orders to his computer), and the musicians play exactly what he asks.

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