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Icious Ras (real name Sedley Downer) was born in the district of Lucky Hill, in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. At 9 he started to develop a love for music. Sedley later started his singing career as Vicious Irie, performing all types of music. He is indeed a natural singer in many ways. Vicious enjoyed acting and touring the island with popular sound systems.

In 1987, he started to produce his own music while recording for producers. His first recording was "History Man". In the early 1990s he had two hot singles that made it to the top five of the charts: "Silver and Gold" went #3 on the top ten charts and "Cost of Living" #3 on the RJR charts. Other songs that made impact on the national charts were "Thank You Father", "Heart of a Lion", "Make Haste" and "Lightning and Thunder".

Vicious Irie released tunes such as "Tan Pan Eh Long" on the Sunset label, "Stick to Yuh Don Man" and "Nah Lef Mi Nine", which was a huge hit in the dancehall for the Power House label. Vicious has worked with some of the top record labels in Jamaica, the likes of King Jammys, Vision 1, John Mouse, Capricorn and others. He also worked with some of the top producers like George Phang, Oliver Shaw, Harry J, Tuff Gong and King Jammy. Vicious has also lent his talent as backup singer to a number of artistes including Luciano, John Mouse, Eclipse and many others.

Cedella Marley was so impressed with Viciousí talent that she signed him to Tuff Gong Records. At the end of the contract, still determined to make it to the top of his chosen career, he decided to move to St. Annís Bay to enhance his musical career. He did a few stage shows to connect with the people of St. Ann's Bay. Vicious has performed in a number of countries including France and Panama. His dream is to travel the world with his musical gift from Jah, the ruler of the Earth. Vicious Irie changed his stage name to Icious Ras in early 2010, and has vowed to continue singing positive cultural lyrics as is showcased on his new single "Enemy Set Trap".

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