Tracks :

1 - Controversial Statement, 2 - Wasted Tape, 3 - Funky Madness, 4 - This Is The Time (With Panache Culture), 5 - Remove The Chains, 6 - Educate The Racist, 7 - This Is The Super Dub

Release info :

Dutch old school Rap / Hip-Hop from the Divorze Posse. With "Remove The Chains" the latter earned a lot of publicity and credibilty (not too many Dutch rapgroups had albums out at this time). They did opening shows for RUN DMC, DE LA SOUL and PARIS (word has it the DIVORZE show was much more appreciated by the crowd than the PARIS performance). The group was also asked to support PUBLIC ENEMY's "Fear of a black planet"-tour through Europe. Unfortunately a few members needed to graduate from school at that point in time and the tough decision was made not to go on tour. The group kept playing in Holland, Germany and Belgium in the 1990s until the demand for rapshows slowly died as a result of the upcoming house music. Eventually the group split up.

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