Tracks :

1 - Ain't Nothing Wrong, 2 - Where Are You Now ?, 3 - Love Train, 4 - Anything You Want From Me, 5 - This Time, 6 - Groove With You, 7 - One By One, 8 - Vibe With Me, 9 - Cold Blooded, 10 - They Won't Take My Soul, 11 - Want You By My Side

Release info :

Runn Records, in association with US based record label Generation Gap, present one of America's best kept secrets, Not 2 Complex. Consisting of Charles "Fizz" Davis, Nena Hamer and Sherry Mims, this vocal trio truly delivers a much promising first effort, a full length album packed with great contemporary R'n'B tunes. Very enjoyable, entertaining and danceable, this album is must-have for all R'n'B fans. This up-and-coming vocal group is predestined to break big!

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