Tracks :

1. The Bible 2. Live Up 3. Blessed 4. The Sign 5. Third World War 6. More Bass, More Treble 7. Wiser & Tougher 8. Who Them Tryin' To Fool 9. The Mission 10. Ganja Is Life (Coke Is Death) 11. Who Tell Them 12. Mama Love

Release info :

Najah (real name Gianni Lucini McDowall) hails from Sint Maarten, a small island in the Caribbean which is part of the Netherlands Antilles. This fresh young talent is a conscious singjay and a devote Rastafarian, whose songs have a strong sense of meaningful, lyrical content. Even though his vocal style is strongly influenced by Jamaican artists like for example Sizzla, Turbulence, and Capleton, Najah has developed a style of his own as showcased on his twelve-track debut cd entitled "Blessed".

The album is mainly built around original reggae riddims, except for the revitalized versions of Anthony Redrose's "Tempo", which underpins the cautionary tune "Ganja Is Life (Coke Is Death)" and the Abyssinians' classic "Satta" riddim, utilized for "Who Tell Them". The latter is an awesome tune, one of the highlights of this set. Special mentions also need to go to the classically-inspired "The Bible", the bass driven "Live Up", the visionary "Third World War", and the debut track "Who Them Tryin' To Fool", performed over Barry O'Hare's haunting "Pressure" riddim. That Najah can also ride a fast-paced dancehall riddim with ease is fully shown on "The Mission".

"Blessed" is a solid collection of tunes that manages to fully showcase Najah's unmistakable talent.

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