About Runn Records

The music and publishing company specialized in quality black music and reggae!

RUNN Records specializes in quality black music and reggae in particular. RUNN Records initially started as the Cool Runnings black music shop owned by Guido Delvoux. In 1989 we released our own first record on the RUNN label. These first releases were by artists like Devon Russel & Cultural Roots, Panache Culture, Macka B, ET Webster and Earl Sixteen. Because the business increased rapidly and demanded most of our time, we were forced to close down the recordshop and move to a bigger location to focus fully on producing our own products. Next was an ongoing serie of releases.

Next was an ongoing serie of releases.

In 1993 an interesting deal was made with Roof International producer Courtney Cole which resulted in 5 Various artist albums (Ragga 1 – 5) featuring Jamaican artists like Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel, Ninja Ford, Mickey Spice, Jack Radics, Diplomat, Prezident Brown, Cutty Ranks, Junior Demus and some well known veterans like Gregory Isaacs and Nicodemus. In this time none of the above mentioned artists were as popular as they are today, and that has always been the policy of our company. We aim to find young new promising artists. Thus we

Also in 1993 we teamed up with a personal friend of the company #BarryO’Hare, the managing director of The Xrated-label from Ocho Rios Jamaica, and started to work in close co-operation. This bussiness-relationship between RUNN and XRated (later renamed World-A-Music) was so fruitful that since then all our work has been done together.

This bussiness-relationship between RUNN and XRated (later renamed World-A-Music) was so fruitful that since then all our work has been done together.

Most of the sessions were recorded at the GROVE Music Studio in Jamaica featuring engineer/musician Barry O’Hare at the controls. Some of the recordings were done in our own analog/digital recording studio which is mainly used for dub-specials and recordings by European based artists.

Since 1988 we were also the official Benelux distributor of MAD PROFESSOR’S ARIWA SOUNDS label, RUNN releases in license ARIWA productions and uses the mixing-talents of Mad Prof and his ARIWA studio for overdubbing and mixing purposes.

As you can see, RUNN has been involved in reggae music for almost 25 years by now, for the near future we can only say, “Keep yuh eyes pon RUNN, ’cause BIG TINGS A GWAAN!”

RUNN Records¬†is a music and publishing company that owns the rights of an ever growing list of songs. The majority of the songs is reggae and dancehall oriented, but besides that we have also other styles of urban music like for example R’n’B, Swing, and Rap. Most of the songs are already released on cd, vinyl or in digital format by RUNN Records, but an x-amount of songs from our catalog haven’t been released so far. All songs – released and unreleased – are available for anyone (individuals or companies) who wants to obtain a license to distribute them. Contact us for more info.


RUNN Records, Maastricht, the Netherlands
c/o Guido Delvoux :
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