1. Big Things A Gwaan
  2. Hurt For Pleasure
  3. Kick Weh
  4. Love How Yu Body Tan
  5. I Bet You Miss Me
  6. Bad Luck Boy
  7. I'll Be There
  8. Bruck Out
  9. The Diner (featuring Yami Bolo)
  10. Is This For Real
  11. Yuh No Wicked
  12. Big Things A Gwaan (Remix with Prezident Brown) 

Review by Chuck Foster, published in The Beat :

Tanya Stephens’ “Big Things A Gwaan” blends contemporary r&b with dancehall. Tanya has a full-throated vocal style that reminds me of a young Etta James and is joined on one cut each by Yami Bolo and Prezident Brown – good friends to have drop by when you are cutting an album.