1. Prince Theo : Natty On Ya
  2. Kulcha Knox : Happiness Brings Joy
  3. Mark Wonder : Sad Story
  4. Jah Mason : Zion Road Rocky
  5. Mikey General : Go Before Us
  6. Angie Angel : All A Di Princess
  7. Sugar Black & Lehbanchulah : Trodding On
  8. Kulcha Knox : Pure And Clean
  9. Mark Wonder : Awake Ethiopians
  10. Prezident Brown : Behold
  11. Prince Theo : Jah Rules
  12. Warrior Dub
  13. Gully Dub
  14. Maze Place Dub
  15. Heaven Dub 

Release info :

“Power Of Trinity Vol. 1” is exactly what its subtitle – “It’s A Cultural Explosion” – says! The vocal tracks of this compilation set feature up-and-coming cultural artists like Prince Theo and Jah Mason alongside “roots ‘n’ culture” mainstays like Sugar Black & Lehbanchulah, Mikey General and Prezident Brown, who all deliver their conscious and uplifting lyrics over a vibrant set of four original riddims. Rather nice dub versions of the riddims – laid by Jahmaik, Fire Red, Thomas Santer with the additional horns of Dean Fraser (on 2 riddims) and the Solomonic horns (on 1 riddim) are included as well.

The whole album brings a very contemporary rootical sound due to the (re-)mixing work, which actually was done by Barry O’Hare. Highlights are Mark Wonder’s Awake Ethiopians, Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh’s Trodding On and Prezident Brown’s Behold. Other noteworthy tracks are Happines Brings Joy by the underrated Kulcha Knox who delivers an excellent cultural mid tempo track, newcomer Angie Angel toasting about King Selassie in All A Di Princessand Prince Theo -featured twice here- with his praising song Jah Rules.

This album is an excellent way to check out the lesser known Jamaican talents and we’ll promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

Album review by Teacher & Mr. T | © Reggae Vibes Productions NL

Review by Chuck Foster, published in The Beat : 

A superb anthology of new roots arrives with “Power Of The Trinity Vol. 1”. Sugar Black & Lebanculah who have weighed in with a series of stinging singles lately, deliver the goods here with “Troddin On” and new arrival Mark Wonder scores with “Sad Story” and the magnificent “Awake Ethiopians”. Jah Mason, Mikey General, Prezident Brown and Kulcha Knox all offer impressive vocals and Prince Theo does two, “Natty On Yah” and another new favorite, “Jah Rules”. All this and four amazing dubs ! I seldom get as much mileage out of a new anthology as I have this disc which has returned to my “currently in play” box over and over again. Conscious modern roots produced by Jahmaik for ‘Trinity Records’.