1. Can't Test Me
  2. God Alone
  3. A You Sweetness
  4. Loving Daddy
  5. Girls Motion
  6. Cover Girl
  7. Matie A Hustle
  8. Sexy Physique
  9. Preach Reality
  10. Jah Is Not Sleeping
  11. Rougher 

Release info :

Professor Frisky is extremely popular now from Kingston to Montego Bay, and from Negril to Port Antonio and his star is rapidly rising in the USA and Europe. His lyrics are strictly consious and carry a message, and the music are creative rhythms created by the production team at the Grove Music Studios, located in the beautiful setting of Ocho Rios, where the relaxed and natural vibes contribute to the high quality of the recordings. Over the past 3 years Professor Frisky recorded also several sides at the same studio under top producer Courtney Cole of Roof International fame. Professor Frisky is one of the most talented DJ’s to watch out for in the 90’s. “Rougher” is the debut album of this young and upcoming deejay, who gets some help from Tanya Stephens and Yami Bolo.