Koptiq Sun

  1. 1 INTRO
  2. 2.Brother's Keeper
  3. 3.Decimate
  4. 4.All Seeing Eye
  5. 5,Spit Truths
  6. 6.Kong~Kara
  7. 7.Universal Child
  8. 8.Philosophical Obsessions
  9. 9.Armageddon
  10. 10.After Life
  11. 11.Life is Good
  12. 12.Playing with Fire
  13. 13.Better Place (Bonus Track)


Koptiq Sun


Koptiq Sun

Album title: Transformed…

Producers includes; Barry O’Hare,Guido Delvoux,Beezy Coleman,Sam Gilly (House of Riddims Austria) and your’s truly Geoffrey Forrest.

The journey of this album began back in July 2017.

I was going through a major spiritual transformation from my previous life and artist career as “Geoffrey Star”,feeding on electric foods and in pursuit of getting in touch with my higher self….

Melodies and words of wisdom bombarded my consciousness demanding actions from my artistic core,there was no escaping!

Barry and I had a meeting discussing the kick off of the album and the rest is history….

All vocals were recorded and produced by Geoffrey “KOPTIQ SUN” Forrest (Judasha Productions) At Tiny Cube Studio in the Serene hills of Golden Grove St Ann Jamaica W.I

Mastered by one of Jamaica’s finest “Christopher Daley”

“Barry  Oscar O’Hare” Unfortunately passed away before the project was completed And so we will release it in is honor!!!

Love & Light 

Geoffrey Star