1. Intro
  2. Rochel'le : Hot Summer Day
  3. Jack Radics : Wish It Was Me
  4. Junior Hammond : Should Have Listen
  5. Anthony Redrose : To Be Loved
  6. Frankie Wilmott : Full Stop
  7. King Beez : Jah Is My Light
  8. X-Rated Gang ; MX-6 Version
  9. Indu : Too Lie
  10. Daweh Congo : Gun Play
  11. King Beez : Praise Him
  12. Sizzla : Clean Up Your Heart
  13. Jack Radics : African Soldier
  14. Prezident Brown : Holy Land
  15. Anthony Redrose : Simmer Down
  16. Determine : Time Like This
  17. Anthony B : Woman Of The Nation
  18. X-Rated Gang featuring Howard "Saxy" Messam : Mr. D.C. Version
  19. Anthony Malvo : Hold Back Progress
  20. Richie Stephens : Judge Not
  21. Anthony Redrose : Castle Of Love
  22. Jack Radics : Turn Up The Radio
  23. Ben Hammond : How Do You Do It
  24. Prezident Brown : Sperm Doner
  25. Lexxus : Mel
  26. Saba Tooth : Progressiveness
  27. Anthony B : Cut Out That
  28. X-Rated Gang : Speed Version
  29. Baby Wayne : Woman
  30. Power Man : Pass Round Donkey
  31. Scare Dem Crew : Slapping You Tonight
  32. Lexxus : Runaway Train (aka Insane)
  33. Monster Shack Crew : More Money
  34. Saba Tooth : Survival
  35. Determine : Edge Of The Wing
  36. Monster Shack Crew : Mighty Mike Special
  37. Capleton : Mighty Mike Special
  38. Junior Reid : Mighty Mike Special
  39. Power Man & Baby Wayne : Mighty Mike Special 

Release info :

“X-Rated Gang Vol. 3” is actually the fourth volume of the in demand and successful “Mighty Mike Continuous Mix” series. Following the “Xrated Gang Vol. 2” album this set employs a variety of specials, dub versions and four different riddims all mixed nicely by household mixmaster Michael “Mighty Mike” Jones, a popular radio deejay from Ocho Rios based radio station Irie FM Jamaica.

Once again Mighty Mike has delivered a flawless mix of the different riddims with some shout-outs added. Mixed end to end nonstop, it’s interesting to hear singers and deejays step up to the mic one after another as they often do in a dancehall situation. All regular tracks are up-to-date recordings, most of them released as 7″ singles on Barry O’Hare’s X-Rated imprint. The album starts with six cuts on a nice melodic riddim (the one O’Hare gave to Bobby “Digital” Dixon, who used it for his two riddim album “Double Up Vol. 2”, here presented in a different mix) and, before the dubplate specials take over to round it off, ends in full speed with seven cuts on a fast-paced dancehall riddim. Although not everyone is overly fond of the “continuous mix” concept, it has at least one advantage: if you aren’t able to get the singles or you think it too expensive to buy them all, this is “good value for money”.

If you’re familiar with the “Mighty Mike Mix” series you won’t get disappointed, 100% satisfaction guarenteed ! Otherwise, check it out and judge for yourself.

Album review by Teacher & Mr. T | © Reggae Vibes Productions NL