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Ras Fire


He has a dreadlock of more than two meters long and a joint in his mouth. Aart Timmermans, a 58-year-old man who is paralyzed from neck to foot, is stretched out in his wheelchair. The rasta spirit can not be missed in his living room. Photos of his heroes Haile Selassie and Bob Marley hang

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Panache Culture

pure reggae with oriental influences and sounds from North Africa Panache Culture is a mix of musical styles: pure reggae with oriental influences and sounds from North Africa. The group addresses various themes of life and both those who give them a positive energy and those who provoke envy of revolt, it is also their

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FN Guns


The band, based in Liège/Belgium, started in 1982 with former bass player Chris Forthomme and drummer Marc Van Neyghem (aka “VANEG”). They’re both in the band nowadays ! The first album “Wild child” was released with vocalist Steve Shorter and Dan Dubois at the guitars. “Wild Child”was a self produced album sold only in Belgium

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Divorze Posse

Christian van Lierop (SpeedOne) hears “Rappers Delight”by the Sugarhill Gang on the radio while getting ready for some ice skating. It’s the long version and he can’t stop listening untill the song ends. This is the first time music gave him goosebumps and he has to learn more about this type of music Christian van

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