Divorze Posse

All Elements On Lock

Christian van Lierop (SpeedOne) hears “Rappers Delight”by the Sugarhill Gang on the radio while getting ready for some ice skating. It’s the long version and he can’t stop listening untill the song ends. This is the first time music gave him goosebumps and he has to learn more about this type of music

Christian van Lierop puts his first piece of Graffiti on the wall of a local library with a friend. His tag reads CVL in a cryptic form. Later he will change his name often but for a long time he remains known as (King) Crewl. This is also the year he starts B-Boying under the supervision of a local crew called The Break Soldiers.

Christian van Lierop (King Crewl aka SpeedOne) comes in contact with fellow Hip Hop lovers Hans van den Bermortel (Spider B aka Def Y) and Michiel Thijssens (Mean Mike B aka MC Lee) at the school he attends. They regularly get together to listen to the latest Hip Hop and they feel the urge to create their own music. When a school party is organised they decide to team up and they call themselves the Beat Busters. They even record a few tracks of which only 2 remain preserved.

The Beat Busters perform at a local talent scout show organized by the school they attend. Proceedings of the event go to Kenia.

This is the year they release their first (and only) CD called “Remove The Chains”. Production wise it is nothing short of a disaster. They fail to sync their TR-909 and TR-808 to their Amiga 500 tracks and many of the beats come lacking of a decent punch. The mixing and mastering is done by a reggae engineer who has hardly ever heard of Hip Hop. The end result is sub par and the members of Divorze are very dissapointed with the end-result. It does however turn out to be a great ‘marketing tool’ and it lands them many gigs and support acts to established US Hip Hop groups like RUN DMC, De La Soul and Paris.