FN Guns

The band, based in Liège/Belgium, started in 1982 with former bass player Chris Forthomme and drummer Marc Van Neyghem (aka “VANEG”). They’re both in the band nowadays ! The first album “Wild child” was released with vocalist Steve Shorter and Dan Dubois at the guitars. “Wild Child”was a self produced album sold only in Belgium and United Kingdom and as the band quickly gained a lot of popularity especially with their live performances they signed with the belgian label “Mausoleum”. The first release on Mausoleum was the album FN Guns, a remix of a few Wild Child songs sold in Europe. The second album for Mausoleum was Nightmare, sold in Europe and the United States, the band toured a lot in Belgium and Nightmare took good place in the belgian charts and in a lot of european rock magazines.

In the beginning of ’86, Steve Shorter left the band, a few month later, Steve Rodgers became the lead singer of the Guns (he’s still in the band !). The Guns signed with Stone Records and released the album Burnin’ out. The new band started again touring in Belgium and made a lot of TV shows. At the end of ’87, Dan Dubois decided also to leave the band, he was immediately replaced by Pat Lemoine and, in 1989, the band signed with Rumble Records. The album released for Rumble was Good shot, with their new guitar player, FN GUNS became more and more popular, the band was again in many charts and started touring in Belgium and in the Netherlands. The song I’m the Walrus (a cover of the famous Lennon/Mc Cartney song) was shot for an MTV video.

The Guns worked very hard during 1990 on the next album Sexy Lizzy, the songs were recorded and mixed but the members of the band were so disappointed of the sound that they decided together not to release the album to avoid a bad result. That’s why Sexy Lizzy is still sleeping in the master tape …

Pat Lemoine decided to leave Fn Guns to make his own band, the Guns had to start again … About two years later, they met the German guitarist Robby Mildenberger and Fn Guns signed with the Dutch label Concept Records. During the recording sessions, Marc Vaneg broke his foot in a car crash and he was replaced by the German drummer Alex Vesper, and with a little help of the english vocalist Claudia Fontaine, the band released the album Take it in ’94 but without real enthusiasm. The Guns decided to make a break which lasted … four years.

In 1998, Steve, Chris and Marc decided to rebuild the band and after a few months of writing new songs, Fn Guns is ready again with Gerard Fortemps at the keyboards and Claude Terwagne playing flute and guitar, Steve’s taking care of the lead guitar himself.

In 2000, The Guns signed with the young label Mug and they released first the single Les sucettes (the french singer Serge Gainsbourg cover), an interactive CD single Shake the ground (including a video clip) and the latest album Ban the guns.