Winners Talk

Don't smoke the champion

Winner of the BeneluXXL Reggae Contest 2014, Rapha Pico & The Roots Rockers, gave the following feedback: 

“After the live final the door was wide open, we made link after link in and out of the benelux and performed almost as much shows as the prize package had to offer. We gained a lot of experience, confidence, knowledge and overstanding about the different sides of a musician’s life wether it be on the road, in the studio, social media, the paper work, promotion and the list goes on. I and I would like to Big Up each and everyone for the good and proffesional treatment. Our summer was like they say: ‘Pico Bello’.”

We also enabled MC’s (being singers & deejays) to participate in the contest, and this is what the MC winner of the BeneluXXL Reggae Contest 2014, Verse iTal, expressed: 

“First of all it is odd to be named the ‘winner’ of a Reggae contest as reggae is a music of unity. However, to be given that title has still brought me great strength, in knowing that my music is appreciated. The Benelux Reggae Contest 2014 will forever be remembered in my heart, as it helped me realize my dream of performing in big Reggae festivals. To be a part of Reggae Geel, Smile and many others has been a milestone in my career. I have forged new beautiful relationships because of the contest, and these relationships I will continue to nourish and grow. The contest has brought me a great deal of exposure, numerous live shows, new opportunites to create music and the chance to work with the excellent Asham band. I am very grateful for all this, and would encourage any aspiring artist to take part in the contest. The year 2014 will always be a memorable year for my musical career, because of the BRC and how it has catapulted me forward. Nuff thanks and Jah Love to all those that made it possible.”


“Music isn’t supposed to be a competition. For us, entering the contest as such felt as a victory.


Here’s what Iron Ites, the winner of the Benelux Reggae Contest 2013, wanted to share: 

“When we registered for the Benelux Reggae Contest, we had never even dreamed of winning it. It was a thrilling final as each band was definitely a worthy contestant in the live-final. Winning the live-final was followed by a summer full of nice festivals, promotions, other prizes, in short, anything you’re looking for as a band was offered to us. Our band has grown tremendously and also our name has become better known and now sounds more familiar to the ears of the public. These beautiful memories will always stay with us, and thank you, organizers of the contest! We also want to thank the audience, which was well disposed toward the music, and all the other bands that have participated in the Contest. United we stand, divided we fall!”


lso Sunrockers, the winner of the Benelux reggae Contest 2012, gave some feedback: 

“Most of all, we would like to warmly thank the organizers of the Benelux Reggae Contest for their kindness and professionalism! By winning the 2012 edition of the contest, we met a turning point with Sunrockers, for it enabled us, not only to play at most of the major summer reggae events in the Benelux, but also to launch what we hope will be a promising future!

We are also thankful for all the irie vibes we felt from most of the collaborators we came across during this summer tour. Long live the Benelux Reggae Contest!”

The 2011 edition was won by Wahwahsda, with band member Sput reacting as follows when he was asked to look back at the 2011 live final and what followed.

“Music isn’t supposed to be a competition. For us, entering the contest as such felt as a victory. It’s free publicity for your band, lots of people check out your music and of course there’s an opportunity to reach the final. Reaching the final was fantastic news for us. We just completed a few changes in our line-up so it really was a big challenge for everyone. But we also took on the challenge and started working very hard. For a beginning band, the opportunity to play abroad in a nice setting is quite thrilling.


From that moment on everything felt as a dream come true. The euphoria to win the Benelux final, the journey to Spain to play in one of the best venues in Barcelona, the main stage at the Dour Festival, several festivals in Holland… an unforgettable experience and a big step forward for us as a band. It’s really rewarding to see the progress that we made over this last year. Of course, entering the Benelux Reggae Contest played a major part in our journey.”

So far the words of Rapha Pico & The Roots Rockers, Verse iTal, Iron Ites, Sunrockers, Wahwashda, winners of previous editions of the Benelux Reggae Contest. Another proof that entering the competition is not only a great experience for every band & MC, but also a real boost for your music career.